At the bottom of each article, visitors can leave a comment that needs to be approved before it appears.

The purpose of the comment section is to promote a community that can help each other regarding the topic that the article refers to.

Therefore, to increase the chances of your comment being approved:

  • It must be written in English
  • It should be directly related to the purpose of the article. If you can’t find an article that is related to your question, please submit your comment on the post about Appen or Lionbridge, depending on the company that it refers to
  • It should not include personally identifiable information in the body of the comment, such as your email address or phone number
  • Be specific and avoid asking for things that can be found on the website. Questions like “where can I take the test?”, “Can you help me sir”, etc. won’t be approved anymore. If you can’t do your own basic research before asking vague questions, this kind of job is probably not for you
  • Be polite

We are trying to build a space where the rating community and applicants can find reliable answers to their questions and support each other. This will only be possible if visitors like you are asking the right questions and answering the ones you can help with.

Thank you.

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